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Textile industry is amongst the most essential consumer goods industry and not surprisingly is also accused of being one of the most polluting industries.

To counter this textile industry has taken many measures for reducing its negativecontribution towards the environment.

Majority of textiles waste comes from household sources. Average lifetime of any clothing is deemed to be for about 3 years, after which, they are thrown away as old clothes. Sometimes even “Not So Worn Garments” are also discarded as they become unfashionable, or undesirable.

Clothes are often given to the homeless, sold in charity shops or sold in developing countries. The un-wearable items are sold to merchants to be recycled and used as factory wiping cloths. Unsold and un-wearable clothing is sent to textile recycling plants and sold as raw materials to the textile recycling industry.

At Texool we have given a brand new dimension to “Upcycling on an Industrial Scale”, traditionally something that was a COTTAGE operation.